March 28, 2023

Battle Royale: 100T vs EG for the LCS Championship WHAT TEAM WILL MAKE IT TO THE LCS FINALS?

Battle Royale: 100T vs. EG for the LCS Championship WHAT TEAM WILL MAKE IT TO THE LCS FINALS?

Battle Royale: 100T vs. EG for the LCS Championship WHAT TEAM WILL MAKE IT TO THE LCS FINALS?


This week marks the lcs finals week of competition in the OKBet League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), in which only three teams will continue on to the final round. This Saturday, 100Thieves and Evil Geniuses will compete against one another to determine who will join C9 in the finals. The winner of this match will be the second finalist.

In addition to this, victorious competition results in automatic qualification for the group stage of the World Championships in 2022. What can we anticipate as we move forward with this series?


Both of the teams have reached the top three, but only one of them will move on to the next round. The other team will have to compete in the play-in stage of the World Championship, where they will face off against all of the other wildcard teams as well as the fourth-seeded teams from the major regions. This year’s rosters are so deep that it will be difficult for North American teams to advance through the Play-In stage. When this is taken into consideration, the series will end up having a very significant meaning for both of them.

On the one side, we have 100Thieves, who reached the semifinals but were ultimately defeated by C9, the squad that appears to be the undisputed number one team. A extremely teamfight-focused squad that revels in taking the initiative early on in matches and playing an aggressive style. Having said that, other teams have also observed this pattern and have begun to remove these comfort picks for 100T. This is due to the fact that 100T is a more competitive format. When this occurred, 100T had a difficult time replicating the outcomes, as they picked late-game scaling compositions but did not have much success with them. In addition to that, it does not appear that they are as sturdy front-to-back.

Battle Royale: 100T vs EG for the LCS Championship WHAT TEAM WILL MAKE IT TO THE LCS FINALS?

EG has demonstrated an improved capacity to choose late-game team combinations on multiple occasions. In addition to this, EG takes great pleasure in constantly drafting wombo combo compositions that rely heavily on ultimate. EG announced that their starting ADC Danny, who was such a crucial member for the team, won’t be starting for the last week of the LCS Championship.

Despite the fact that I believed that EG could have had a draft advantage and made it much closer, EG announced that this last week of the LCS Championship. According to the official announcement, Danny was forced to resign because of concerns related to his mental health. Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” entürk, a player from the academy, will take his place on the field for EG in his absence.

Because of this decision, the expectations going into the series have been significantly altered. I was anticipating a really competitive matchup, with each of them having opportunities to advance farther in the competition. On the other hand, in light of the new knowledge, I find myself favoring 100 Thieves a great deal more. The EG academy roster didn’t do very well over the summer, and the ADC player is a few tiers behind Danny in terms of ability. Not to mention the lack of time to prepare and the lack of synergy that comes with making such a move at the eleventh hour.

Despite this, the OKBet odds of League of Legends winning the series are still fairly favorable, especially at. You’ll discover some of the best ones down below; feel free to choose any of those that appeal to you:

  • Winner: 100T (1.35x)
  • The correct score for the map is 100T 3-1 EG (3.39x)
  • Total kills: over 96.5 (1.64x)
  • Kills with a handicap for the match: 100T | -14.5 (2.09x)
  • EG Draws First Blood (2.19x)
  • Total number of towers: fewer than 11.5 (2.29x)
  • Over 4.5 dragons have been killed in total (2.01x)


After having a below-average summer split, Cloud9 has now secured their spot at Worlds. It was reasonable to anticipate that they would prevail over the other teams in the competition given the squad that they possessed. Even though it took them some time, it appears like everything is beginning to fall into place. But is there any squad that can compete with the C9 lineup as it stands right now?

In light of what we discussed earlier in regard to EG, I do not believe that they are even remotely comparable to them. As a result of the fact that 100T were also eliminated in the winners’ bracket, I feel compelled to assert that there is currently no team that can compete with Cloud9. As is the case every year around this time, Cloud9 appears to be the North American squad that is doing the best in preparation for Worlds. With the expectation that they will be able to compete against the strongest teams from the LPL and LCK…

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