March 28, 2023





With the release of patch 12.18 on September 21st, you are cordially invited to embark on a journey with Pengu and company to navigate the Uncharted Realms while participating in the Secrets of the Shallows event! You will have until patch 12.20 to travel across the regions of our new Origins (Lagoon, Darkflight, and Nomsy’s home) in order to gain free content for doing so. In addition to the rewards you will receive simply for assisting Pengu and his companions in making new discoveries, there is also a (flying) boatload of new stuff for you to investigate; thus, let’s dive fly in!

The Deepest, Darkest, and Most Confidential Secrets of the Shallows

Pengu has recently graduated from Dragon Academy and is now on their way to explore the ever-changing scenery of the Dragonlands. However, they will want assistance from someone who is prepared to sacrifice life and limb, as well as 1st and 8th, in order to complete their assignments and win rewards.

It’s easy; all you have to do is pay attention to what Pengu encourages you to investigate and then actually do it, of course by playing TFT. During the course of your adventure, you will complete a total of 13 different objectives in order to collect Okbet free goodies. You can anticipate receiving 150 Star Shards, 1 Silverwing Egg, and 1800 Pass XP in addition to the benefits that come with making new friends and uncovering new secrets.

Keeping the Adventure Going with Some New Cosmetics

If you’ve developed a strong attachment to (Doctor) Dragon Trainer Pengu and their companions, the good times don’t have to cease just because the event has concluded. There are a large number of seafarers available to be hired for roles other than deckhands.

Chibi Kai’Sa may be purchased for 1900 RP, while each of the new Hauntling and Silverwing varieties can be purchased for 925 RP individually. If, however, you are interested in giving your chances a shot at hatching a Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa, you need look no further than the Secrets of the Shallows Eggs, which can be purchased for 390 RP each. Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa has a chance of dropping from these Eggs at a rate of 2%, although she is certain to drop on the 61st Egg that you open. Eggs containing the secrets of the shallows can be purchased up to the end of the Dragonlands event.

If you just can’t get enough of the shallows, you can go even deeper with the Secrets of the Shallows package, which includes a whopping 31 Secrets of the Shallows Eggs for the cheap, low price of 10530 RP! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s see what more you can unlock!

Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa

Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa emerges from the Lagoon with her eyes open and her attention fixed on coming in first place. She can be obtained as a rare drop from the Eggs that contain the Secrets of the Shallows.

This Chibi invokes the Lagoon dragon, but not the Sohm Lagoon dragon; rather, she calls upon her own own Lagoon dragon with two heads. Have a look at it here

DiesOfKai’Scene has officially replaced #DiesOfCutScene as the most popular trend in the gaming community. Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa will also have her very own unique emotes, which will feature some well-known characters and locations from Zz’Rot.

You don’t like using hashtags, do you? You don’t need to worry about it because you can also buy Chibi Kai’Sa directly from the store for the price of 1900 RP. Just like her Dragonmancer counterpart, she will come with her very own unique boom, which is called Icathian Rain.

Chibi Kai’Sa, along with all other base Chibis, can be directly purchased from the shop at any time, however the Secrets of the Shallows Eggs will only be accessible until the conclusion of Dragonlands.

Even if a few Hauntling have made their home in the Darkflight Isles, you shouldn’t be afraid of them because modern Hauntling rarely take part in ceremonial sacrifices. You can purchase any of their versions for 925 RP, or you can enlist them to your ship for 390 RP by using Secrets of the Shallows Eggs. Take a look at these different versions: Infernal Haunting, Elder Haunting, Ocean Haunting, Mountain Haunting, Cloud Haunting.

The dominance of the Silverwing pecking order is founded on knowledge, and not just any information; rather, it is the knowledge of Nomsy’s SNAX recipe. You can purchase any of their versions for 925 RP, or you can enlist them to your ship for 390 RP by using Secrets of the Shallows Eggs. Take a look at the different iterations of the Silverwing, which are listed below: Cloud Silverwing, Infernal Silverwing, Ocean Silverwing, Mountain Silverwing, and Elder Silverwing.

That should be all you need to know about the event that will begin after the 12.18 patch has been installed. After you have successfully completed the event, you will be eligible for a few further rewards, but I think it’s best if I keep those a mystery for now.