March 28, 2023




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The ESL Pro League is down to its final eight teams, and the elimination quarterfinals are about to begin. Last night, late, Natus Vincere upset Heroic in a super delayed match to earn the fourth and last slot in the quarterfinals.

We have discovered certain crucial indicators of success in each match and make our predictions with a high degree of confidence, despite the fact that the next four matchups are all quite even. Midnite is providing the odds for today’s wager.


It took some time, but Liquid have found their winning ways again. They’re looking better than ever, if you ask us. While MOUZ’s previous results were promising, they suffered tough losses against SINNERS and Eternal Fire that have cast serious doubt on their present condition.

This map veto for the ESL Pro League semi-final should go well. MOUZ has decided to permanently ban Dust 2, whereas Liquid’s initial ban will be on Nuke. frozen and his team will choose Mirage since they have won their past ten matches on this map.

We expect them to choose between Ancient and Vertigo, two maps that Liquid has played and enjoyed. Why this match’s map pool tilts considerably in Liquid’s advantage. MOUZ is untouchable on Mirage, but Liquid is very strong on this map, thus they might be caught off guard. Liquid is also one of the better selections for the ESL Pro League playoffs, since they have the support of both Ancient and Vertigo.

Odds on Liquid winning are 1.62.

a match between CLOUD9 and FAZE

We predict that this match will be the most exciting of the quarterfinal round. Both squads are on a roll, and this game promises to be a barnburner.

Just before their defeat at the hands of Liquid, Cloud9 had won four consecutive matches without dropping a single map. In contrast, FaZe’s season was full of ups and downs, but they came out on top in four of the final five games they played.

Both “Vertigo” and “Nuke” will not be options for this match. Likely, FaZe will choose with Inferno, while Cloud9 will go with Overpass. The truth is that no matter which map is selected, both sides will feel confident.

Let’s recap this top choice. We can see that both squads are doing really well. These two groups will also engage in a fierce combat. Considering that we have no idea who will emerge victorious in this matchup, we’ve decided to concentrate on the more prudent bet, namely the total number of maps played.

Over 2.5 Predicted Played Maps, 1.99 Odds


We’ve located a pretty secure wager for this game. Having won five consecutive matches, Vitality is now in first place. However, Outsiders are making several blunders in their matches and narrowly made the playoffs.

The match’s bans and selections should be obvious. Nuke will be dismantled by outsiders, while Ancient will be permabanned by Vitality. It’s clear that Outsiders can only win on Inferno, whereas Vitality has a few options: Dust 2, Overpass, and even Mirage.

The resolution to this case is elementary. ZywOo is currently dominating ESL Pro League Season 16, hitting shots like a crazed sniper. An advantageous set of maps makes this a very safe choice. The odds are rather valuable despite Vitality being such a heavy favorite.

Odds on the victor: 1.49 for Vitality

Can we really say anything about this matchup? Without losing a single map, G2 breezed through a challenging group. From FaZe and Outsider through BIG and MIBR and FTW, they have defeated every team in their group.

G2 is, without a doubt, the greatest team in the ESL Pro League Season 16 right now, and they should win this match. Considering how hot G2 is right now, we don’t believe the map pool will be a factor in this matchup.

Success for G2 is expected.
Odds: 2.12

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