December 7, 2022

OKBET LOL | MSF faces off against FNC in the LEC Summer Playoffs; will the plot armor continue?

OKBET LOL | MSF faces off against FNC in the LEC Summer Playoffs; will the plot armor continue?

OKBET LOL | MSF faces off against FNC in the LEC Summer Playoffs; will the plot armor continue?


Following what can only be described as a crazy series versus XL, FNC will face MSF in the second round of the LEC Summer Playoffs in order to earn the final spot at Worlds. Which organization, FNC or MSF, will end up representing EU in their final split? Let’s find out together in our Preview, shall we?


OKBET LOL | MSF faces off against FNC in the LEC Summer Playoffs; will the plot armor continue?

In the first round of the losers’ bracket, Fnatic was on the verge of being eliminated. However, Wunder’s incredible play with Razork on Patrik swung game 3 in their favor and kicked off the comeback for Fnatic. With that, they were able to pull off a surprising clean sweep of XL and win the series by a score of 3-2.

As was the case towards the conclusion of the regular split, it appears that Fnatic is seizing all of the opportunities that present themselves when they are most important. The suspense surrounding this series will only continue to build as the characters’ storylines get increasingly complex. In point of fact, it was Misfits that allowed Fnatic the opportunity to compete in the playoffs but also put them in the losers’ bracket for the tournament. The teams are scheduled to compete against one another for the third and final time in fewer than three weeks.

The fact that Razork and Wunder played better than expected in that series is a great sign for Fnatic. Because of the significant roles that both players played in the comeback, it would be quite surprising if they were unable to reproduce that performance against Misfits. Fnatic’s miraculous run is becoming increasingly difficult to disbelieve as Upset continues to be a permanent fixture in the team’s schedule.

Having said that, MSF possesses a significant number of options and cards from which they can choose to play. Vetheo is always there to make fantastic plays, and despite the fact that he was outclassed in the G2 series, I feel that he will perform better than Humanoid in the mid lane. In addition to this, Neon has made great progress over the split, becoming into the late-game carry that this meta necessitates. Since Zanzarah’s special champion pool is actually rather strong for the current meta, the outcome of the match will ultimately be determined by the level of competition between the two teams.


The Misfits are a very capable team when it comes to making proactive plays and seeking for picks. They are always ready to draw the trigger whenever they spot an opening, regardless of whether they are dealing with Ahri, Sejuani, or Skarner. Since I have my concerns that Fnatic will be able to execute the early game as well as they have in the past, the proximity of Razork’s base to Zanzarah’s will be extremely important for determining the winner of the series. Poppy will almost certainly be removed from the game, and Trundle’s value will skyrocket as a result, given that he makes up the majority of the jungle champion pool.

In addition to that, Sivir, Lucian, and Zeri will be at the top of the priority list, and then Kalista will come next. Picks like Azir, Ahri, Renekton, and Ornn will be particularly hotly fought in the mid-lane and the top lane, respectively. Be sure to watch the champion pick before placing any League of Legends Championship Series wagers because both teams play the same meta champions but draft in different ways.

In general, I believe that the series will, yet again, end in a tie for the silver medal. It is quite difficult to predict who will come out on top, but the Fnatic plot armor has been building up to such a point that it would be strange if it stopped now. In any case, this series presents us with enormous opportunities, all of which work to our advantage. You may check out the other incredibly intriguing bets that GG is offering down below. bet the same as before:

  • Winner: Fnatic (1.64x)
  • More than 4.5 Maps in Total (2.7x)
  • The correct score on the map is FNC 3-2 MSF (4.61x)
  • The First Blood Belongs to Fnatic (1.76x)
  • Fnatic won the race to ten kills (1.8x)
  • Total kills: over 25.5 (1.7x)
  • Over 4.5 dragons have been killed in total (1.53x)
  • More than 13.5 overall kills for Fnatic (1.74x)
  • Total number of towers: fewer than 11.5 (2.33x)

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