March 28, 2023

Lil Nas X writes Worlds 2022 anthem, collaborates with Riot on high-end K’Sante skin

Lil Nas X writes Worlds 2022 anthem, collaborates with Riot on high-end K'Sante skin

Lil Nas X writes Worlds 2022 anthem, collaborates with Riot on high-end K'Sante skin


What Nas wants, Nas gets

Lil Nas X has gone from leading the life of a cowboy to serving time at the Montero State Prison, and now he’s taking his first steps into the world of gaming and esports with a new collaboration with League of Legends.

In addition to a new prestige skin for K’Sante, the singer for Montero is working with Riot Games on the official theme song for the World Championships in 2022, titled “Star Walkin.”

The information was revealed by Riot Games in the form of a funny film depicting the singer, who has won two Grammy Awards, taking control of the company’s headquarters in his new role as president.

As part of a new promotional collaboration, Lil Nas X has been given the title of “President of League of Legends.” This collaboration will also result in the upcoming Falls Festival headliner releasing a new single on September 23 titled “STAR WALKIN,” which he will perform live at this year’s Worlds tournament, which is League Of Legends’ annual e-sports championship event.

Lil Nas X writes Worlds 2022 anthem, collaborates with Riot on high-end K'Sante skin

On November 5, during the finals, Lil Nas X will deliver a performance of the Worlds 2022 anthem.

The music video uses a mockumentary format to act out Nas’s ambition of being the most powerful person at Riot Games. The musical performer can be seen strolling through the workplace hallways and interacting with the staff members there.

Even further, Nas suggests that a champion skin for Udyr dubbed “Nudyr” be developed, expressing his confidence that this skin will become the all-time best-seller in the market. Riot is obviously taking its new president extremely seriously, as seen by the fact that it tweeted a render of him on Twitter.

However, that is not the final punchline to any of the jokes. Riot altered the profile name of the official League of Legends Twitter account to “LoLNasX” and replaced the profile picture with one of the artist himself.

You can hear a fragment of the music in one skit when Nas places the hymn on the office’s appliances, such as a refrigerator and a photocopier. Riot has also teased bits and parts of the Worlds 2022 anthem, and you can hear a snippet of the song in that sketch.

In addition, Nas will serve as the headlining act for the Worlds 2022 final that will take place at the Chase Center in San Francisco on November 5. Riot is no stranger to having massive opening acts, and Nas has vowed that this would be “the largest, coolest, and sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds.”

In addition to the anthem for the World Championships, Nas also collaborated on the design of a cosmetic skin for the new champion K’sante in League of Legends. The skin, which will be available on November 3 and will be given the official name of Prestige Empyrean K’Sante, will be made available to players on November 3, and they will have the opportunity to unlock it with Worlds 2022 tokens until November 14.

You will not be able to hear the new song “Star Walkin” until September 23, but you can pre-save it on Apple Music and Spotify right now.

Nas is not a newcomer to the realm of League of Legends; this is not his first time playing the video game. Just the year before, the singer collaborated with the League of Legends Competitive Squad of 100 Thieves to provide a performance of his hit song “Industry Baby” at the offices of the organization.

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