December 7, 2022

LCO Playoffs: Who Will Move On to the World Championship? via OKBET LOL

LCO Playoffs: Who Will Move On to the World Championship? via OKBET LOL

LCO Playoffs: Who Will Move On to the World Championship? via OKBET LOL


With only two more matches to play, the League of Legends Oceania Championship Organization (LCO) will shortly choose which team will be the best to represent Oceania at the upcoming Okbet League of Legends World Championship in 2022. The three teams that made it to the finals—Chiefs Esports Club, ORDER, and Pentanet.GG—have all been among the most dominant teams for a considerable amount of time, and 2022 is not an exception to this trend.


LCO Playoffs: Who Will Move On to the World Championship? via OKBET LOL

Following the loss that both teams suffered at the hands of the Chiefs Esports Club, this fight is a replay of the earlier Upper bracket semifinals that took place earlier. Both ORDER and Pentanet.GG are extremely capable of defeating one another, as seen by the fact that each team won a match against the other during the group stage. They are also very consistent performers, as seen by the fact that both of them cruised through the group stage, defeating teams from lower brackets with ease to secure the second and third seeds respectively.

The intense competition between ORDER and Pentanet.GG was on full display once again in their earlier Upper bracket semifinals playoff match, which went the full five rounds and ended with ORDER emerging victorious with a score of 3-2. However, despite the fact that ORDER prevailed in their most recent encounter, Pentanet.GG enters this match with a marginally better position than their opponent. All three of ORDER’s victories came in nail-biters that lasted well over the allotted 35 minutes. Pentanet’s victories, on the other hand, came far more quickly and were more conclusive; one of them lasted only 25 minutes and was completely one-sided.

The forecast is as follows: ORDER 47% and Pentanet.GG 53%


The Chiefs Esports Club is still the favorite to win it all and qualify for the League of Legends World Championship, despite the fact that ORDER and Pentanet.GG are still in the running. The Chiefs got off to a fantastic start in 2022, finishing the first group stage of the 2022 LCO with an incredible record of 19-2. Unfortunately, they were defeated by ORDER in the finals of the playoffs, which prevented them from qualifying for MSI and prevented them from participating against the best teams in the world. However, they are currently unbeaten in both the Group stage and the playoffs stage to this point, making them stronger than they have ever been in Split 2.

Prediction: the Chiefs will win 80% of the time.

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