2010 LFC Classic Competition Grant Summary:

Here's what the organizers have told us they need for their 2010 competitions:

2009 LFC Grants to Classic Competitions Finalized!

The LFC made every effort to support the 5 events that held Classic Eventing competitions since the LFC began offering grants in August, 2009. Wish lists (the LFC grant application) were sent to organizers and several chose to apply for a LFC grant and returned the wish list. See where your donations are going! Click on the links below for an description of each organizer's wish list and subsequent LFC grant.

Organizer "Wish Lists"

LFC grants are made via an application called a "wish list". Wish lists have been sent to the following organizers in 2010:

Organizers - Tell us what you need! Apply for a LFC grant using the 2010 Organizer Wish List.