Effective April 1, 2010, the Federation approved national rules specifically for the Training Three-Day Classic format, for inclusion in the 2010 USEF Rules for Eventing See specifically EV155-156 and Appendices 3 and 8). As a USEF Endorsed Competition, the T3D is a qualifier to move up to the Preliminary horse trials level.

Training Three-Day Event (T3D): Open to competitors of any age, on horses four years of age or older. Both the competitor and the horse must have obtained NQR’s at four horse trials at the Training Level or higher, one of which must be attained as a combination. A competitor established at the Preliminary level may compete on a horse which has obtained 2 NQR’s at the Training Level or higher.

National Qualifying Result (NQR):
A NQR is achieved by completing the entire horse trials and scoring: Not more than 50 penalty points in the dressage test; no jumping penalties at obstacles on the cross-country test, and not more than 90 seconds (36 penalty points) exceeding optimum time; and not more than 16 penalties at obstacles in the jumping test.

2010 USEF Dressage Test for Training Three-Day Events

Minimum Qualification Requirements (abridgment of USEF Rules for Eventing for easy reference)

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